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Taking public participation in healthcare a step further : co-creation in the development of social robots in elderly healthcare

Wanschers, M.E.A. (2019) Taking public participation in healthcare a step further : co-creation in the development of social robots in elderly healthcare.

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Abstract:People in current society are getting older, are more often faced with comorbid diseases and have less formal and informal caregivers that can take care of them. Social robots might be an answer to these problems. There are already many different types of these social robots. This research focused on the possibility to include three different stakeholder groups in the development of these social robots. Therefore, the research question of this research is: To what extent will co-creation in social robot development support the development of social robots that are accepted by elderly retirement home residents and healthcare professionals? To answer this question, semi-structured interviews and focus groups were conducted. The results show that the participant groups in the semi-structured interviews got acquainted with social robots in indirect ways through study, work environments and television or radio. The different groups also emphasized different points in their interviews. The robotic researchers focused on co-creation, the healthcare professionals on the place of the social robot in the healthcare environment and the elderly retirement home residents on ethical and social issues. Additionally, they approached co-creation differently. Robotic researcher thought it is fundamental in the development of social robots, healthcare professionals agreed with the importance but had some practical points to consider. The elderly retirement home residents often discussed a loss in their privacy. The focus groups provided a clear understanding of the important points related to social robots as perceived by healthcare professionals and elderly retirement home residents. This research concludes that co-creation can be a possibility in future social robot development. Co-creation can become beneficial because it connects stakeholder groups that perceive social robots differently. Keywords Social robots; Co-creation; Elderly; Healthcare professionals; Robotic researchers
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Communication Studies MSc (60713)
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