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Can worked examples facilitate learning with educational games? : A study of the effect by worked examples in a game based learning environment.

Oehme, Jana (2019) Can worked examples facilitate learning with educational games? : A study of the effect by worked examples in a game based learning environment.

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Abstract:Learning with games is getting more and more important over the last years. There are game based learning environments developed to offer a new way of learning to students. Those gaming structures are limited and sometimes can cause problems like delivering too much information at the same time and make it hard for some students to process them properly. Nevertheless, these problems can be reduced by using instructional support. One type of these instructional supports is used in this research: the worked example approach. Within this research the possible effect of worked-out examples in the frame of educational games and in how far learning with educational games can be improved by using worked-out examples is the major aim. The used worked example was set into an instructional video which was meant to help the students while playing the game. Certain guidelines are used to create the worked example, e.g. the instructional guidelines by Mayer and guidelines to format an instructional video. A post test was taken to measure differences in the learning ease of two groups: the experimental group in which the worked example was used and the control group in which the students had to find their own way of learning. Motivation scores were taken to determine if the intrinsic motivation is influenced by the worked example and the way of learning. The FAM Questionnaire was used to measure interest, success, anxiety of failure and challenge. Game scores, which could be achieved while gaming, were compared in order to compare the two groups in how their way of learning is more successful in completing the game. Using the worked example in the experimental group let to better retention results on the posttest than the control group that only received a short instruction. Furthermore, the experimental group also achieved better game results and was more often able to finish the game than the control group. Regarding the motivation of the students the scores of the two groups differed in interest and success in favor of the experimental group. Additionally, this research also shows possible improvements (e.g. complexity) of the used worked example and other improvements concerning the set-up of this research. Build up researches should focus more on individual differences while investigating worked examples in game-based learning environments. An example could be the attitude towards instructional support and how students use instructional support.
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Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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