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Designing an eHealth approach for students with stress related problems, based on the goal management oriented intervention “Right on target”

Szajda, N.T. (2019) Designing an eHealth approach for students with stress related problems, based on the goal management oriented intervention “Right on target”.

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Abstract:A Dutch study with 551 student respondents, showed that 62% of them experienced constant stress. This stress can ultimately to serious mental and physical health issues. The most influencing self-management behavior to deal with stress, was shown to be time-management, which consists of planning, scheduling and prioritizing daily tasks and goals. To create an eHealth approach that influences the goal-management behavior of students with stress related problems, this study uses the “Right on target” intervention. In this study, six college students participated, two of them in the first two interviews and further four in the usability test. They were chosen based on convenient sampling. A qualitative research design has been chosen to determine, what the actual self-management behavior regarding stress problems of the sample of students is and to ascertain their needs and preferences regarding persuasive and design features of an eHealth application. A low-fidelity prototype was created based on these findings and used in a structured usability test. The first interview confirmed that ineffective time management is a problem that influences the perceived stress. With the second interview it was shown that there are many persuasive features like personalization, praise and reminders which are regarded as useful by this target group, while their attitude towards social elements for a stress-management prototype was rather negative. The usability test demonstrated that the design of the low-fidelity prototype is logical, and the tasks are perceived as useful, nevertheless, the overview can be better structured and further features added. Another usability test is needed with focus on the prototype’s content and a bigger sample should be used to get more consent regarding the features of the prototype. Additionally, more research is needed to demonstrate that an eHealth approach using the “Right on target” tasks can improve the self-management behavior of students and subsequently lower their stress in the long run.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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