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The Drones Are Coming: Fostering Acceptance Within the Implementation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Surveillance

Usmanova, Diana (2019) The Drones Are Coming: Fostering Acceptance Within the Implementation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Surveillance.

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Abstract:Due to the immense benefits drones are contributing to the public safety sector, a willingness on part of law enforcement and emergency services exists to incorporate UVA’s into everyday sectors. However, public opinion on the pervasive use of drone technology in various societal domains is not purely positive. Opponents fear that their privacy rights might be violated and their safety at stake. This research paper aims at creating common ground between these opponents and proponents of governmental drone usage, by investigating different factors that might positively influence overall drone acceptance. Therefore, this study examined how drone acceptance can be fostered by tailoring information about a drone’s presence to different environmental setting in which they are employed. Additionally, the impact of a person’s level of uncertainty avoidance and need for control on drone acceptance was investigated. Using VR, participants were confronted with drone surveillance within a park, a business area or a festival. An app on their virtual phone provided them with either transparent information about drone employment or a neutral message with no content referring to the drone. Results indicated that an interaction between environmental conditions and transparency of information had an effect on drone acceptance. Further, uncertainty avoidance showed an effect on drone acceptance among different environmental conditions. Additionally, higher levels of trust towards the organization heightened the level of drone acceptance and lowered the level of perceived control. These results contribute to the importance to carefully consider environmental conditions and people’s need for certainty and information when exposing people unexpectedly to drones. Keywords: Drones, Acceptance, Transparency, Environment, Uncertainty avoidance
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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