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Pilot testing a micro OPPI to assess students’ user experience and well-being

Jenske, BSc N. (2019) Pilot testing a micro OPPI to assess students’ user experience and well-being.

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Abstract:Students in their post-secondary education are at increased risk to develop mental issues. Micro interventions, brief online and app-based interventions, showed to be useful in delivering positive psychology interventions which have proven to be effective in increasing well-being. The user’s experience seems to influence its success. The aim of the study is to pilot test a micro OPPI delivered via smartphone, to gather data on the feasibility and suitability of the application, and preliminary data on the user experience with the intervention, which will be used in a larger study.The study design of the research is a mixed method design that consists of a two-week micro OPPI delivered via smartphone and is followed up by a semi-structured interview. In total 10 participants were included. Analysis of the thematic approach shows that students experience an increase in their well-being, even though they do not perceive the intervention as effective. Besides technical issues the perceived usability of the intervention and the application was good. The usage of the app was moderate as not all participants engaged with the app daily. Analysis of the quantitative data shows that participants scored higher on well-being after the intervention (M = 62.28, SE = 3.33) than at the beginning (M = 57.71; SE = 3.05). The findings offer some support for using micro OPPI’s delivered via smartphone to increase students’ well-being. Using the smartphone for delivering a micro OPPI seems to increase students’ acceptance and usage of such an intervention. User’s experience with the intervention seems to be crucial for the perceived effectiveness, regular usage of the application and satisfaction with the micro OPPI in general.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
Keywords:Micro OPPI, Well-being, Students, User experience
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