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The design of an online campaign to create a ‘Raintower’ community : "what's in it for us?"

Antvelink, S.E. (2019) The design of an online campaign to create a ‘Raintower’ community : "what's in it for us?".

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Abstract:This project is about a design of an online campaign to expand the ‘Raintower’ community. Due the climate change, the city of Enschede is suffering from rainwater management problems. The municipality of Enschede already started with trying to solve these problems, but these solutions were unfortunately not enough. The University of Twente, waterboard Vechtstromen and the municipality of Enschede created a so called Smart Rainwater Buffer, this rainwater buffer can solve the problems only if all the inhabitants of Enschede will use this solution. The network of these Smart Rainwater Buffers is called the ‘Raintower’ project and to let the inhabitants get to know this solution a campaign is needed. In former research there was concluded that three campaigns are needed to reach all target groups: the “What’s in it for me?” campaign, the “What’s in it for us?” campaign and the “What’s in it for Enschede?” campaign. This project focusses on the second question: “What’s in it for us?”, which aims on the benefits of the ‘Raintower’ project for communities. A literature research was conducted about behaviour change, influencing techniques and virality to acquire knowledge about what the target group needs in terms of which message for the campaign works best. In the state of the art existing projects are reviewed to get to know the trends in campaigning. Before creating the campaign the methods and techniques are explained, an user centered design process is used to collect the requirements. Furthermore, the first visualization concepts were created and specified by a final storyboard and final requirements. This specification is used by the engineer to realize the product. There is chosen for a 2D animation video with a voice-over which tells the message of the campaign to stay in line with the earlier created campaign. The final animation video is evaluated with the stakeholders, who were overall satisfied with the result. According to the stakeholders the final product has potential as a campaign tool, some minor flaws need to be changed in the near future before the campaign can be spread.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:02 science and culture in general, 05 communication studies
Programme:Creative Technology BSc (50447)
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