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Design Your Life: A technology evaluation platform for, and with, autistic adults.

Deuvletian, Alan (2019) Design Your Life: A technology evaluation platform for, and with, autistic adults.

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Abstract:For my graduation project and thesis, I, along with two fellow peers, was tasked with developing an online platform for, and with, autistic adults. The purpose of this online platform is meant to allow autistic individuals to lead a more autonomous and independent lifestyle. By using the website as a tool to share resources, tips and tricks, practical and technological solutions, as well as advice; the overarching aim is that the autistic individuals in question would lead more enriched lives. In order to differentiate the results and avoid overlaps in the target group, we decided to split up our focus points. Personally, I chose to target autistic adults while my peers settled for younger target demographics. Through several iterative feedback sessions, it was possible to obtain the target group’s opinion on the website as it developed and, in turn, better suit it towards their needs. Towards the end of the iterative feedback sessions, we reconvened as a group to discuss the findings and compare and contrast the different focus groups. In general, it was noticed that certain individual target groups had their own unique differences, needs, and desires. Nonetheless, certain corresponding qualities were found to be common throughout all the target groups, signifying the potential for a single unified and merged platform.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Creative Technology BSc (50447)
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