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Does it show when someone has hostile intentions? : a replication of Wijn et al. (2017)

Müller, Julie Charlotte (2019) Does it show when someone has hostile intentions? : a replication of Wijn et al. (2017).

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Abstract:The study of Wijn et al (2017) concluded that environmental cues and cognitive load can increase the possibility of correctly detecting hostile intentions. The current study aims to replicate these findings, after critics doubted the validity of these results. Additionally, behavioural indicators accompanying hostile intentions are researched to gain insight into how much information is needed to be able to detect these malintentions as well as which specific factors are used for the decision. Methods 23 participants watched the 143 videos of the original study, followed by a questionnaire regarding the indicators of deception. These results were analysed with a multiple response analysis, coding of the open question as well as a factorial repeated measurement ANOVA. Results The environmental cue or cognitive load had no main effect or interaction effect on the ability of detection. Contrary aspects were found between indicators of the innocent condition and the hostile intention. As behavioural indicators, participants used the body language, facial expressions, walking style, looking behaviour and use of hands or how the person handed the bag. Discussion Since it was not possible to replicate the findings of Wijn et al. (2017) it is questionable how reliable environmental cues and cognitive load are as methods to improve the detection accuracy of the participants. Implications from this study are that more insight needs to be gained into detection since it is a crucial topic to fight against terrorism and the importance of replication is highlighted. Keywords: deception, detection, environmental cue, hostile intentions
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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