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The Relationship between Use of Strengths and PWB among University students

Pieper, Melanie (2019) The Relationship between Use of Strengths and PWB among University students.

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Abstract:Background: Mental health as a state of well-being is crucial for the optimal functioning of a person. Nevertheless, according to the World Health Organisation (2018), problems regarding mental health affect every fourth person worldwide. Especially University students suffer from conditions concerning their well-being, like periods of depressive mood, stress, anxiety and loneliness. Consequences of mental health problems in this early stage of life can impair academic and social functioning, as well as representing difficulties in identity development or even manifested psychological disorders such as major depression. As a promising means, Positive Psychology has proven to be particularly effective in prevention and treatment of those conditions by dealing with the strengths of individuals in order to improve the mental well-being. Methods: The current study aims to unravel the relation between the use of strengths and the dimensions of psychological well-being. It was hypothesized that the psychological well-being dimension of Engagement, Mastery and Autonomy have a positive relationship with the use of strengths, whereas no relationship was expected between the dimensions Meaning, Relationship and Optimism and the use of strengths of university students. A sample of 172 University students filled out a combined questionnaire with the items of the VIA 120, the CIT and SUS. Results: As a result, all dimensions indicate a relationship with strength use, solely the dimensions of Relationship and Autonomy do not have a significant relationship with the use of strengths. Conclusion: By showing the relationships between the use of strengths and four dimensions of PWB, the current study offers important findings that might be useful to improve health care interventions among university students to help them cope with challenges concerning their well-being.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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