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Numerical Simulation on Interface Instability under Reshock

Wijk, C.F.C. van (2019) Numerical Simulation on Interface Instability under Reshock.

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Abstract:In this research the phenomenon of Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability(RMI) under reshock is discussed. Numerical simulations are performed to simulate 2D single-mode perturbed interfaces under supersonic acceleration resulting in the RMI. A reflected shock (reshock) is introduced to the accelerated single-mode interface. The goal of the research is to examine the growth rate of the width of the amplitude of the sinusoidally perturbed interface (mixing zone, MZ) from the moment of reshock. First the application of the applied simulation tool is verified using some practical examples that are recreated. The effect of different parameters is tested: time of reshock impact (reshock time), wavelength and initial amplitude of the initial perturbed interface and shock strength (Mach number). Simulations are performed and the results indicate a dependence on wavelength and initial amplitude, however the reshock time does not seem to impact post-reshock growth rate. The wavelength is found to have no effect on the used dimensionless parameters, while the effect of the initial amplitude can not be predicted using the dimensionless parameters. Other effects present in the reshocked RMI process are discussed and available models are tested against the simulation results, however the research is not able to find a definitive correct model for all cases.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
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