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Contract management implementation : a roadmap built on its critical success factors

Seppenwoolde, Matthijs Jan Reint (2019) Contract management implementation : a roadmap built on its critical success factors.

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Abstract:This thesis investigates the critical success factors of the implementation of contract management. A lack of adequate contract management is one of the main reasons for outsourcing to not produce the expected results. The main internal reason for inadequate contract management is its improper implementation. This thesis therefore aims to find those factors that are of crucial importance in ensuring a successful implementation of contract management and ultimately build a roadmap upon these factors. This study will find those critical success factors by investigating the implementation of specifically contract management; the impact of change management theory on the implementation process; and the integration of contract management in the organisational structure. The base of this research consists of two World Café discussions, organized by Het NIC. This research collected two different sets of data. The first set of data was collected via a questionnaire, which was distributed before the start of the World Café sessions. In order to obtain participant related information, this questionnaire consisted of questions regarding their ‘age’, ‘gender’, ‘education’ and ‘work-life’. This participant related data was collected, in order to be able to test whether differences in outcomes between the two World Café sessions, could be attributed to the differences in research population between the two sessions. The second set of data was collected during the two World Café sessions. Table hosts were asked to notate the points of discussion which came across during the sessions. After three rounds of discussions, all notated discussion points were voted upon by the participants. They all received 20 stickers, with which they could indicate which discussion points they perceived as being the most important in implementing contract management. The total number of votes per discussion point makes it possible to investigate the importance of each discussion point from the perspective of the participants and conclude upon which factors they perceive as being critical to the success of contract implementation per location and per sub-research question. Finally, all discussion points and all votes were combined to be able to answer the overarching research question.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration MSc (60644)
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