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Business opportunities in Bouwteam projects : a consultant perspective in the Dutch construction industry

Sewalt, A.A.E. (2019) Business opportunities in Bouwteam projects : a consultant perspective in the Dutch construction industry.

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Abstract:The adoption of a collaborative design project delivery approach (i.e. ‘Bouwteam’) involving clients, contractors, and consultants is increasing within the Dutch construction sector. Whereas the roles of both the client and the contractor are relatively well-studied and defined, the professional role of the consultants within Bouwteam projects is imprecise. In practice, the temporal restrictions and changing-dynamics inherent to the specifications of a Bouwteam project blur their responsibilities and influences. This, in turn, raises questions concerning their added value and imposes a threat to their involvement. The consultants are challenged to reclaim or take on new roles in collaborations with other Bouwteam actors by aligning the requested and desired value in a project. This alignment needs to facilitate the firms to create potential role propositions that encapsulate the value of the consultant and suits the setting of a Bouwteam project. This research contributes insights into how external consultancy & engineering firms might propose and negotiate their professional work in inter-organizational Bouwteam projects. It generates new perspectives on the role structures of consultants and provides concrete, practical insights into the opportunities and difficulties in value capture in Bouwteams by these consultants. This research adopts and builds on the conceptual framework proposed by Bos-de Vos (2018), which considers value capturing strategies of professional service firms to investigate the opportunities in the role of the consultant in a Bouwteam project and pathways towards their adoption. While paying attention to the unique Bouwteam context in which the consultants operate, the objective is to open up the ability for consultants to diminish potential role barriers within the Bouwteam and be able to negotiate new role structures that makes the most of their potential value. To reach this objective, two main research questions are addressed: 1. What is the potential added value of consultants in a Bouwteam project? 2. How can the consultant capture and negotiate this potential value in a new role structure?
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Civil Engineering and Management MSc (60026)
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