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Possibilities Of Technology To Decrease Stress In Students At The University Of Twente

Oberschmidt, Kira (2019) Possibilities Of Technology To Decrease Stress In Students At The University Of Twente.

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Abstract:Reports of stress in students have increased A possible way of decreasing student stress could be the development of a technological intervention, as this allows for larger scale provision of counselling and fits students as a target group. Several sub-studies were conducted to determine points of improvement in the counselling process that is offered for students, their needs, and the main features a possible technology should include. The used methods were desk research, a survey, focus groups and two interview studies, in which students as well as counselling staff were included. Outcomes show that factors like fear of missing out or making mistakes play a role in the onset of students stress. Furthermore, international students specifically are more vulnerable to feeling stressed, due to circumstances like the unfamiliar environment and financial pressure. Stakeholders were open to the idea of a new technological intervention. Values were determined based on the stakeholders’ preferences. A technological intervention should be developed to improve the counselling provision for university students. This technology should include information on various topics and provide students with tools to help them decrease their stress level, as well as give them the opportunity to relate to fellow students through the technology.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Unknown organization, Enschede, Nederland
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:49 domestic science
Programme:Health Sciences MSc (66851)
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