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Designing a black box system for the management of tacit knowledge

Spijkers, S.M. (2019) Designing a black box system for the management of tacit knowledge.

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Abstract:Information and knowledge have been defined as key factors in organizational decision-making and problem solving. A lot of information and knowledge arises from everyday product development activities through, for example, the execution of product development processes and the process of decision-making. This information and knowledge need to be managed and shared, but not only do they both need to be processed, new information and knowledge must also be created. Tacit knowledge has been defined as an important source of new knowledge, but it is hard to manage because it is not explicitly available, and people can often not articulate it. To manage tacit knowledge, this thesis has proposed a black box system that facilitates the management of tacit knowledge by managing knowledge sources. By using a topic modelling approach, topics that are covered in objects can be identified, and these objects can be labelled accordingly. Through the creation of information profiles, it can be determined which individual has interacted with which knowledge areas. In this way, the black box system manages tacit knowledge without having to make it explicit.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:01 general works
Programme:Industrial Design Engineering MSc (66955)
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