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Mindset matters but can it be changed : using video to change an unfavourable stress mindset

Cholewa, C.A. (2020) Mindset matters but can it be changed : using video to change an unfavourable stress mindset.

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Abstract:Background: Stress mindset can be seen beliefs that people use to guide them with expectations to a specific response (Crum, Salovey, & Anchor, 2013). It impacts the motivation, well-being and learning of a person and thus changing the mindset of a person can improve mental health as well as their general well-being. The aim of the current study is to examine whether an educational video with information on the positive effects of stress can change someone’s mindset. Furthermore, the study examines whether the manipulation is weaker one week after the manipulation and if age moderates of the condition on the mindset change from baseline assessment to the post-test in any way. Method: 136 German-speaking participants were recruited to partake in a randomized control trial using convenience sampling. After baseline, participants were assigned to the experimental group (n = 50) or a group control group (n = 49 )which received a video about Immanuel Kant and the experimental group, which received an educational video about the positive effects of stress and a "stress-is-enhancing" mindset. The data were collected, directly after the video and one week later. All data was gathered with online questionnaires. Results: A repeated measures analysis showed that the experimental group scored significantly higher, by showing a more "stress-is-enhancing" mindset than the control group in at the post-test (p < .05). Furthermore, a decline after the manipulation was recorded at the follow-up test. However, the change in mindset from baseline to follow-up test remaining significant (p<0.001), indicating a more “stress-is-enhancing” mindset. No moderation of the agegroup on the relationship of the condition to the outcome was found. Discussion: Overall, a small and simple intervention showed remarkable effects in changing the stress mindset, at least temporarily. Since age did not affect the manipulation, the video was suitable for every age group. However, the long-term effects time on the strength of the mindset change should be investigated in future research.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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