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Data quality improvement of the NHI database

Rikken, R. (2019) Data quality improvement of the NHI database.

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Abstract:For the hydrological data and models for all of the Netherlands, there is an instrument called the Nationaal Hydrologisch Instumentarium (NHI). In the NHI there are models and data, the surface water data of the NHI is saved in the HyDAMO database. This HyDAMO database is filled with the geographic information system (GIS) data of the waterboards. The data is already checked for semantics, but there are consistency errors in the data. This research looks at the consistency in context of data quality. Now all the systems need to be added together, inconsistencies are detected. These inconsistencies preclude the advantages of the NHI and HyDAMO to be fully realised. There needs to be pre-processing and error correcting before models are made, or data is used for other purposes. To help the waterboards with making the data more consistent and to communicate the data quality, Deltares has started this research. Over the years waterboards developed their own way of working, different from each other. Although efforts where made to make the entries more consistent, DAMO is the latest iteration, full agreement how to add data to the GIS system has not been developed [13]. For every data type, rules to check the data quality are defined. This is done with the help of literature and interviews with experts. The rules are then mathematically defined, and implemented into computer code. The results of this computer code is then saved in the HyDAMO database. The results show that the data quality of HyDAMO is still lacking in certain areas. Especially the objects called ’hydroobjects’ and ’dwarsprofielen’, have a low data quality. These results are presented to the waterboard via a web service that they can log into, and then check the objects that are erroneous.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:56 civil engineering
Programme:Civil Engineering BSc (56952)
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