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The mediation effect of dampening on the relation between symptomology of bipolar disorder and well-being

Strumann, F. (2020) The mediation effect of dampening on the relation between symptomology of bipolar disorder and well-being.

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Abstract:Well-being has shown to be a relevant factor in bipolar disorder (BD). It is not only associated with depressive symptoms of BD but also with manic symptoms. However, little is known about possible underlying mechanism between the symptomology (depressive/manic symptoms) and well-being. An important maintenance and onset factor of BD is emotion regulation. The main focus in research to date has been on the effects of the regulation of cognitive responses to negative affect, but less research has been done on the positive emotion regulation strategies: dampening, emotion-focused positive rumination and self-focused positive rumination. It has been shown that dampening is negatively associated with depressive symptoms and also with poorer well-being. Consequently, the present study investigated primary whether dampening mediates the relationship between symptomology and well-being. The secondary aim was to investigate whether different dimensions of positive affect regulation have a similar and independent mediation effect. Therefore, a cross-sectional survey study with 107 participants diagnosed with BD was performed. Results suggested that dampening did not mediate the relationship between symptomology (depressive/manic symptoms) and well-being. But the findings of the present study supported that emotion-focused positive rumination mediated the relationship between manic symptoms of BD and well-being. No other cognitive strategies to positive affect mediate the relationship. Emotion-focused positive rumination may play an important role in the maintenance of BD. However, results have to take with caution because longitudinal studies are needed to confirm the temporal nature of the mediation effect. Furthermore, treatment focusses on the responses to positive affect might be beneficial for people with BD. Keywords: bipolar disorder, well-being, emotion regulation, dampening, positive rumination
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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