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Contact approach trajectory analysis for aerial manipulation and interaction

Hertenberg, K.J. (2018) Contact approach trajectory analysis for aerial manipulation and interaction.

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Abstract:We presented a way to generate optimal snap trajectories for approach testing. The main challenge of building the system was the interaction with the simulation and control systems. In particular using the same time-frame, time step, signal and units is important. Testing was done, on the effects of the approach angles on the contact position under various velocities, and the effects of impact velocity and acceleration of the drone on contact instability. There was a small correlation found between the velocity and acceleration, and the instability. However, the resulting deviation and correlation, are quite insignificant, practically looking. Additionally, we found that increasing velocity and acceleration results in an increase of the error and contact. However, any error found was still relatively small. The approach angle also had no direct effect on the instability and error. The exception being that velocities parallel to the surface, resulting in overshoot for the drone. However, the drone executed the generated trajectories with little error. Therefore, showing that the set-up trajectory generation and controller system, worked with little issue. It is recommended to take paths with lower impact velocity and acceleration. However, to also improve the controller in regards to coming into contact, to reduce the resulting contact error. For the velocities and accelerations tested the resulting deviation is too small to pose a serious problem generally. Lastly, the limited duration of the project prevented the gathering of data to preferable amounts. Therefore, more data and testing of a wider range of variables could lead to different conclusions. Robotics
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Programme:Electrical Engineering BSc (56953)
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