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What a leaders says and an employee understand : a qualitative study about leadership communication

Kara, Emir (2020) What a leaders says and an employee understand : a qualitative study about leadership communication.

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Abstract:Although leadership is an extensively research topic, the communication perspective seems to lack attention. In most of these studies, communication does not take a major part nor is leadership viewed from a communication perspective. Less attention was paid to the sensemaking of leadership communication. Therefore, this study investigates sensemaking of leadership communication from employees by using the critical incident technique. The interviews consisted of questions regarding their sensemaking of critical incidents, how they relate it to communication, whether those incidents changed their views on the leader or job and of questions regarding their general of perception of leadership including the communication part. By doing so, this research aims to find out how and in which ways the sensemaking takes place and what exactly it influences. The data was collected by interviewing 20 participants by using Skype, who were recruited by the convenience sampling method. The participants had to be employed at the time, show a minimum working experience of one year and be located in Germany. Gaining a deeper insight into the employee’s sensemaking, this study provided results which demonstrate that employees make constantly sense of leadership communication and that the critical incidents had an impact on the perception of the leader and of the job. However, further research needs to conducted to conclude commonalities and differences between employee’s sensemaking to find out whether there are differences to this study when the participants experienced critical incidents with the same leader. This study recommends that leaders should improve their communication skills to minimize misconceptions and thus, possible reduction of commitment and motivation of employees and increase the transparency, loyalty and commitment of employees.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Programme:Communication Studies BSc (56615)
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