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Measuring How You Feel: Monitoring Grit And Self-Efficacy On A Daily Basis

Arjomand, Mr. Arya (2020) Measuring How You Feel: Monitoring Grit And Self-Efficacy On A Daily Basis.

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Abstract:Background: Grit and self-efficacy have been regarded as important predictors of success, particularly in the academic setting. Previous studies have explored their relation as character traits and have found positive correlation between the two constructs. Even though these studies’ results are at the between-person level, the conclusions and recommendations are drawn at within-person level. The same association between grit and self-efficacy at trait level, cannot be inferred at the state level. There is a lack of research on how these two constructs are associated on a moment to moment basis. Objective: The current study’s goal was to explore how a student’s state-level grit and self-efficacy are associated and how this association is comparable to the positive relation found at the trait-level. It was also explored whether state grit’s relation with self-efficacy is mostly on a state-level (within-person) or on a trait-level (between-person). Method: A repeated measure, online experience sampling study with 30 university students was conducted. To measure the trait-level grit and selfefficacy, the Grit Scale for Children and Adults (GSCA) and New General Self-Efficacy Scale (NGSE) were used respectively. For the state measures, a questionnaire composed of two items per construct were utilized and administered three times per day over period of eight days on the participants’ personal mobile device. Results: State grit and self-efficacy were significantly positively correlated similar to their trait counterparts. Moderate positive correlation between trait and state grit and weak positive correlation between trait and state self-efficacy was found. The result of LMM analysis suggest state grit has a significantly stronger between- than within-person association with self-efficacy. Conclusion: Initial hypothesis of reverse relation between state grit and self-efficacy was rejected. Following previous research, it is advised that teachers try to increase a student’s average (trait) selfefficacy rather than enhancing their state grit.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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