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How prolonged sitting influences students' health

Dengiz, D.D. (2020) How prolonged sitting influences students' health.

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Abstract:In general, prolonged sitting in occupational settings is associated with negative health consequences such as cardiovascular diseases or obesity. Additionally, research has shown consequences on one’s mental health such as a higher perception of mental distress. Furthermore, negative influences on students’ academic performance were detected. The aim of this paper was to investigate how prolonged sitting correlates with University students’ well-being. Thereby, the effect of gender on sitting time was of interest. More precisely, the effect of gender on the relationship between sitting and well-being was examined. Additionally, the German BQOS was tested in a qualitative study to check whether it is understandable in German. The quantitative part consisted of a sample of 54 German University students consisting of 43 females and 11 males took part in a quantitative online survey. The results of the statistical analysis showed that longer sitting time correlates with lower well-being in students. However, it has been shown that gender does not influence sitting time and gender did not show any effect on the relationship between sitting time and well-being. To check whether the findings were accurate considering the BQOS, a feasibility test was conducted. For this feasibility test, five participants were interviewed. The test indicated low feasibility which means that there were unclear aspects that raised difficulties while filling out the questionnaire. Furthermore, the feasibility test showed some inconsistencies in the translation from English to German which might also have affected the validity and reliability of the survey. Therefore, an improved version of the German BQOS called BQES (Brief Questionnaire of Educational Sitting) was created. In general, the finding of a negative correlation between sitting and well-being does contribute to literature since, until now, there is only little literature about the correlation between both. However, future studies should focus on an equal distribution of gender and a greater sample size to have a higher variance among the participants. By doing that, there should be more accurate results about the influence of gender since a broader sample would lead to a greater generalizability. Moreover, the BQES should be tested to check whether the adjustments considering the wording did improve the accuracy of the findings.
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Subject:77 psychology
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