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Smart Sports Exercises: Volleyball

Eggengoor, Amber (2020) Smart Sports Exercises: Volleyball.

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Abstract:This thesis presents the work that creates and tests novel ways to train volleyball with the use of an interactive system. This thesis is part of the Smart Sports Exercises project, which investigates the potential for interaction technology in creating rich learning environments for interactive sports exercises. The goal of the work is to find the potential of an interactive LED-floor in volleyball practice and to come up with meaningful digital-physical exercises that add to traditional volleyball practice. Related work and insights from other researchers, volleyball trainers, and volleyball players are discussed, and this information is used to construct a design space to map the opportunities of the interactive floor in a volleyball practice. Several lo-fi prototypes are tested to gather more insights into the desired digital interactive exercises related to volleyball. Later, several hi-fi prototypes were used to see how the created exercises turn out on an interactive floor. Finally, an experimental research study is proposed to experimentally study the merits of the interactive floor to improve upon traditional training approaches. This work showed that the interactive floor is promising in a volleyball practice. Next, this research is an important practical step towards integrating an interactive floor with volleyball practices. After finding the potential in volleyball practices, it is recommended to look at other (team) sports to make the interactive floor more appealing and economic feasible.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:01 general works
Programme:Creative Technology BSc (50447)
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