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At-a-glance feedback during cycling : Improving cycling performance of patients with CVA

Ven, H.V. van de (2020) At-a-glance feedback during cycling : Improving cycling performance of patients with CVA.

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Abstract:For patients with a cerebrovascular accident (CVA), better known as stroke patients, there is currently no system that gives feedback on cycling behavior that is understandable at a glance. Patients with CVA have to maintain an active lifestyle after rehabilitation and can do so by cycling. However, due to motor, cognitive and visual impairment riding a bike is often a difficult task in itself for patients with CVA, and using existing cycling apps can be distracting. This research aims to design a form of feedback on cycling performance during the ride that is understandable at a glance and asks: What is the best way to communicate at-a-glance feedback about cycling performance to patients with CVA during cycling? Based on literature research and a state of the art review, several designs for data visualizations were made and tested via a questionnaire and semi-structured interview in a qualitative lo-fi test on preference between 5 participants. Each design showed a goal in distance and the progress toward that goal. The 2 best designs, according to the lo-fi test were improved based on feedback from the participants and were made into final prototypes. These prototypes were then tested via a questoinnaire in a quantitative hi-fi test with 65 participants on how well each visualization was understood at a glance. Analysis of the test shows that the design of a circular progress bar scored best overall. From this research can therefore be concluded that the specific design made in this research with a circular progress bar as its main feature, works best for giving at-a-glance feedback on cycling behavior during the ride. Further research is needed to troubleshoot the used method and validate the results.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:01 general works
Programme:Creative Technology BSc (50447)
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