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Patients’ acceptance regarding the implementation of virtual reality in cancer treatment : A systematic review

Matejek, E.T. (2020) Patients’ acceptance regarding the implementation of virtual reality in cancer treatment : A systematic review.

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Abstract:Background. This review aimed at providing an overview of cancer patients’ perceptions of the implementation of virtual reality (VR) technologies during their treatment. VR was used in interventions to improve patients’ treatment conditions. Thereby patients’ verbal reactions were examined firstly regarding their perception of non-immersive and immersive VR. Secondly, their comments were compared in regard to either psychoeducation- or distraction VR interventions. Methods. The database Scopus was searched and studies that (1) provided qualitative information of patients’ perceptions about VR in cancer treatment (2) either using non-immersive videos or any kind of immersive VR; (3) administered VR alone or in combination with other treatments, and included (4) all types of cancer and all ages of cancer patients were selected for this review. Results. 15 studies were selected with samples from 7 to 180 participants. (1) Patients’ verbal reactions were predominantly positive, with no differences in perception or acceptance toward either non-immersive or immersive VR. (2) 7 studies conducted psychoeducation VR interventions and 8 studies examined distraction VR interventions. VR interventions yielded positive effects that were confirmed by patients’ comments. Conclusion. This review’s results are in favor of the VR technology and can be used as a basis for future research. Nevertheless, a few negative comments concerning VR lead to the assumption that the interventions need to be individually tailored. This should be respected to extend patients’ treatment adherence. Limitations result from the quality of selected studies and findings could not be generalized to the entire cancer community. For future research, results from a broader population should be examined in mixed methods to state certain recommendations regarding the implementation of VR in oncological treatment.
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Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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