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How does a WADI work?

Mondria, Matthijs (2020) How does a WADI work?

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Abstract:Because of climate change there are less rain showers, but when it rains it is probably heavy rainfall. Because of the lack of green and thus soil sealing, mostly in cities, the water is not absorbed anymore by the ground and will all end up in the sewer system. Because the sewer system cannot handle all the water at the same time, flooding is likely to occur. A solution to this, is the WADI. WADI’s are being built in more and more neighbourhoods in the Netherlands, but the information provision is limited. The municipality of Enschede gets many questions about WADI’s and can only refer to webpages with a lot of text and a few images. The municipality suggested to develop an animation that explains how a WADI works. Apart from informing the resident, the challenge is also to involve them and make them look after the WADI’s. The main research question then is: How to develop an animation that communicates the relevance of a WADI to a neighbourhood? The sub research questions are: Why are WADI’s installed in the neighbourhood?, How does a WADI work? and How to make the neighbourhood look after the WADI’s? The development process of the animation is explained in different phases, starting with the introduction. This is followed by the state of the art in which interviews are conducted, background research is done to find more information about WADI’s and literature is reviewed. Then, the methods and techniques to be used in the project are explored. After this, the ideation is done, in which the first requirements, ideas and concepts are developed. The interactive animation concept was chosen to be worked out further, which was executed in the specification phase. Here, the storyboard and first prototypes are made. In the realisation phase, the interactive animation was produced. This is evaluated by the client in the evaluation phase. Commissioned by and together with the Municipality of Enschede, the interactive animation was developed. With this design, the inhabitants are informed about the function of the WADI, the reason of installation of WADI’s and motivated to look after the WADI’s. The client was very happy with the animation. The Municipality would like to continue to make the final prototype into a product that can be used for their information provision about WADI’s. This still needs testing, which is future work.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Programme:Creative Technology BSc (50447)
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