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Criteria for a transition year for gifted and accelerated students

Grömping, C. (2020) Criteria for a transition year for gifted and accelerated students.

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Abstract:The transition between primary and secondary school is a big step for many students as it brings many changes. During this transition, gifted and accelerated students may face additional challenges on a social and academic level. Since a poor transition can be associated with a negative impact on academic achievement and overall well-being, there is a need for interventions that address the transition challenges gifted and accelerated students may face. One way to help gifted and accelerated students with the transition challenges can be to offer a transition year in which these challenges are addressed. The first Dutch schools to implement a transition year with this purpose received positive feedback from teachers, parents and students which resulted in more and more schools considering implementing a transition year. Yet, in order to facilitate an implementation on a wider scale, a research-based curriculum and instructional plan is needed. This study addresses this issue by investigating what a transition year should entail regarding curriculum (content/skills) and instructional methods in order to help students with the challenges during the transition and to promote student ownership. The final aim of this study has been to develop a criteria list for a transition year which schools can use as a framework for the implementation. In this qualitative study, 20 interviews were conducted with teachers and gifted and accelerated students from Dutch primary and secondary schools as well as from Dutch schools which already offer a transition year. Based on the analysis of the interviews, a list of 20 criteria was developed that address experiences of the transition, content/skills, basic conditions, instructional methods and student ownership. Furthermore, critical remarks regarding the concept of a transition year as well as suggestions for possible alternatives that arose during the interviews have been discussed.
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Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:81 education, teaching
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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