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The Exploration of a Gaming Interface Design’s Effect on Perceived Littering Behavior

Tóth, L.G. (2020) The Exploration of a Gaming Interface Design’s Effect on Perceived Littering Behavior.

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Abstract:Objective: Littering is an issue that negatively affects our environment and it can also have a negative effect on our lives. This study attempted to seek another approach to mitigate littering. Thus, in this study, it was explored whether social norms (i.e. injunctive, descriptive) and an agent element on a mock-up gaming interface design could have direct or indirect effects on people’s attitude and behavioral intention towards littering. Furthermore, it was investigated whether social norm cues and the agent element could elicit feelings of autonomy, competence, enjoyment, and appreciation. Method: For this research, a between-subjects experimental design was created with two mediators (i.e. feelings of autonomy and competence, and enjoyment and appreciation) and a moderator (i.e. prior environmental attitude). The respondents (N = 424) were presented with one of the eight conditional gaming interface designs (based on the three stimuli) within the framework of an online survey.Results: The results showed no significant direct effects between the social norms and attitude and intention towards littering behavior. The injunctive norm had a significant effect on competence and the descriptive norm had a significant effect on autonomy. The agent element did not elicit enjoyment nor eudaimonic appreciation and thus, they did not mediate the relationship between the agent and attitude and littering behavioral intention. Prior environmental attitude did not moderate the relationship between the social norms and attitude and intention towards littering. Conclusions: This research aimed to further explore social norms’ influential effect on littering behaviors to get a broader picture on social norms’ persuasive nature in a different context for the littering issue. This research helped to get a broader overview on how social norms work in a different environment, in a gaming interface design. Future studies could build on this research concept to create not only an interface but an actual game, which would have a littering behavior changing effect.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Communication Studies MSc (60713)
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