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Circular economy in the textile industry, consumer behaviour in the Netherlands

Weewer, L. (2020) Circular economy in the textile industry, consumer behaviour in the Netherlands.

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Abstract:For this report the extensive amount of waste that is created in the textile industry is analysed. The production of textiles requires an extensive amount of non-renewable resources. The over-exploitation of materials and resources is causing pollution to the environment. To improve this situation, there are different strategical approaches mentioned in this report. The current textile industry is not circular (enough). Only a small percentage of textile waste is recycled, 73% ends up on landfills or is incinerated. This research aims to find aspects from the industry, that could lead to a more circularity. To reach this goal, all aspects involved with the textile industry, circularity and consumer behaviour are examined. A theoretical framework integrating the trends in circular textile and consumer behaviour model is used as the baseline of this research. A mixed research method approach was designed to gather data from, literature review, interviews and surveys. In the Netherlands, initiatives and policies are set in place, but can be improved and elaborated. Several initiatives are contributing to circularity goals with the textile containers as most potential option. Consumer awareness is growing and the survey results show that the majority of consumers has some knowledge on the effects of the fast fashion model and recycling textile. Consumer values, internal and external factors also play a role in their purchasing behaviour. Circular textile goals can be reached by using different initiatives and influencing these factors and consumer values. Changing the current ‘fast fashion’ model to a circular one also requires communication and collaboration.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:43 environmental science
Programme:Environmental and Energy Management MSc (69319)
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