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Internal and external attributions for innovative work behavior

Medori, R. (2020) Internal and external attributions for innovative work behavior.

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Abstract:Purpose - Although many studies have researched on the determinants of innovative work behavior (IWB), most of them focus on one or a few variables, and examine IWB as a unidimensional construct. The purpose of this paper is therefore to develop a model of the various internal and external employee attributions for IWB, examining how they differently affect two stages of the innovative work behavior, namely idea generation and idea implementation. Design/methodology/approach - A systematic literature review was conducted, leading to the analysis of 50 empirical papers published in peer-reviewed journals. Findings - By following the attribution theory and by carefully studying the variables covered in the articles, the main internal attributions for IWB that were identified are employees’ personality and traits, self-perceptions, intrinsic motivation, attitudinal variables, and abilities, skills and competences. The external attributions are leadership behaviors, organizational support, social support from managers and coworkers, task characteristics and HR practices. In addition, some attributions showed to affect the two phases of IWB in a different way. Practical implications - The findings of this research provide practitioners with useful information on how to stimulate employees’ IWB, and investments in which employee attributions are needed in case the organization faces shortcomings in either idea generation or idea implementation. Originality/value – This study seems the first one to link the attribution theory to IWB and yields to a deeper understanding of the internal and external employee attributions for IWB and its stages.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Programme:Business Administration MSc (60644)
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