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Optimization of the Laser-Assisted Tape Winding process using an Inverse Kinematic-Optical-Thermal model

Esselink, F.S. (2020) Optimization of the Laser-Assisted Tape Winding process using an Inverse Kinematic-Optical-Thermal model.

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Abstract:For years, the use of composite materials has grown in many industries. Since producing composite materials can be laborious and expensive, faster, and more reliable manufacturing methods are being used. One of these manufacturing methods is Laser Assisted Tape Winding (LATW), an additive manufacturing method. Although promising, this manufacturing process does not achieve the desired bond quality between the different layers, resulting in poor performance of the final product due to varying heating conditions during the process. The use of homogeneous laser sources of constant power during the LATW process does not allow for the required flexibility that is needed to stay within optimal process conditions such that a constant nip point temperature is achieved. Using an inverse approach, the ideal settings for a grid-structured laser source can be determined for a given nip point temperature. A three-dimensional transient inverse Kinematic-Optical-Thermal model (IKOT) was constructed to determine the ideal laser settings. A grid-based laser source was introduced, as this laser source was assumed to be more versatile in optimization of three-dimensional geometries standard laser sources. Three case studies were performed to determine the accuracy and convergence of the developed model. Power distributions were found and validated using the Kinematic-Optical-Thermal (KOT) model as the output temperatures matched the input temperature profiles. Desired nip point temperatures were achieved and maintained with lower total laser power usage compared to standard laser sources. Although validated numerically, experimental results are required for exact validation. This has yet to be performed as a grid-based laser source is currently not available. However, it is expected that the technology will be available at some point in the future.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:31 mathematics, 50 technical science in general, 51 materials science, 52 mechanical engineering, 58 process technology
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
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