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Mixed reality conceptualization and prototyping

Zavrnik, S. (2020) Mixed reality conceptualization and prototyping.

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Abstract:LEF Future Center is part of the governmental company Rijkswaterstaat, which organises and facilitates creative design sessions for solving societal challenges. In the last years, the need for new transitional innovations increased to achieve social, environmental and economic sustainability. Therefore, FutureLAB was created to initiative, create and accelerate those by applying new approaches and technologies. This assignment contributes to the FutureLAB by researching suitable approaches and technologies to create and accelerate transitional innovations. Analysis of the assignment design challenge identified the gap between the innovation, development and implementation operations, defined as the Implementation challenge. Due to that reason, numerous innovations generated by LEF and FutureLAB are never applied and implemented in the environment. The analysis identified the factors of not involving internal development team in the early design stage, lack of their communication, their different worldviews and incapability of understanding each other during the development process. This leads to the problem of not taking ownership that causes an Implementation challenge. This complex design challenge is divided into three parts by designing Experience framework, upon which further methodology research scope is defined. The researched proposed developing a game methodology named Game the System, which supports users creating concepts and stimulates them to take ownership over produced concepts. By applying design case study, envisioned Game the System outcomes were designed to define the Game elements, which lead further research process. Upon the Game elements, Game the System concept and its requirements were created to define directions for the Game design. The Game methodology is divided into three worlds, defining how the game is played, what are delivered value and meaning, and last, how is this connected to the design challenge in the real world. The elements of the three worlds are integrated into Game the System design, which offers a collaborative and fun approach to construct imagined concepts in a mixed reality environment to overcome the Implementation challenge. The methodology is supported by the Player journey map, which defines the player’s actions and their touchpoints within the Game. The Game methodology was demonstrated and applied to the interior design challenge of the FutureLAB. This enabled creating interior design concepts and capturing its images to communicate key concept information to the management team. Consequently, users took ownership of produced concepts and became more motivated to continue with the next development steps.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:21 art forms, 50 technical science in general, 56 civil engineering, 70 social sciences in general
Programme:Industrial Design Engineering MSc (66955)
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