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Quantification of calcification with dual energy imaging in peripheral arterial disease

Simons, BSc Michelle V. (2020) Quantification of calcification with dual energy imaging in peripheral arterial disease.

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Abstract:Aim of this thesis is to explore the possibilities of quantifying arterial calcification in peripheral arterial disease. This results in a combination of a phantom study and the first-in-human results of a clinical trial describing the need of arterial calcification quantification. The general introduction describes the clinical and technical background followed by the subsequent research objectives. Chapter 1 represents the results of a phantom study performed to test the possibilities of spectral scanning and the potential of quantifying calcification. Chapter 2 describes the research protocol for the first-in-human use of a DMUA/HIFU therapy as a new non-invasive intervention. Chapter 3 is a case report about the first-in-human experience with DMUA/HIFU therapy as treatment of atherosclerotic lesions in the femoral artery. The general conclusion and future perspectives section describes the potential of the DMUA/HIFU system, currently an investigational medical device, as new way of treating atherosclerotic lesions in combination with the outlook on peripheral arterial calcification quantification.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:44 medicine
Programme:Technical Medicine MSc (60033)
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