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The Effect of Woody Biomass Characteristics towards the Yield and Quality of Pyrolysis Oil at Twence

Dhau, K.I. (2019) The Effect of Woody Biomass Characteristics towards the Yield and Quality of Pyrolysis Oil at Twence.

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Abstract:This study focuses on finding the influence on biomass characteristics towards the yield and quality of pyrolysis oil at Empyro plant owned by Twence, located in Hengelo, Netherlands. The fast pyrolysis takes place in a rotating-cone reactor at 535 ◦C, with biomass entering at around 3% moisture. Two types of biomass feedstock are currently used, which are forest residues in the form of wood crumbles (uitzeefsel) and A-grade wood waste (A-hout) in the form of pellets. Besides finding the general influence of feedstock characteristics towards product quality, mathematical correlation models are also derived based on actual operation data at Empyro in combination with theoretical foundations. Oil yield is estimated using a multi-component secondary kinetic method, following first-order Arrhenius equation. On the other hand, oil quality parameters are estimated using mass balance and statistical analysis from past actual data. As there are various parameters that can be analysed from the oil, key quality parameters are firstly defined, and the mathematical correlation models are only developed for them. The percentage error between the model and the actual value varies depending on the parameter, but it can be concluded that the model is useful to roughly predict the yield and quality of bio-oil.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Sustainable Energy Technology MSc (60443)
Keywords:Biomass characteristics, Pyrolysis oil plant, Woody biomass, Oil yield determination
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