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Increasing the productivity of production line 52 by using the TOC : a case study at Heineken Zoeterwoude

Quak, Diederik W. (2020) Increasing the productivity of production line 52 by using the TOC : a case study at Heineken Zoeterwoude.

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Abstract:Important note: The results of the experiments have been modified by a specific number, and some of the confidential data have been concealed in this version to protect the sensitive data for Heineken. Purpose: This research assignment is a simulation study for possible improvements in production line 52 of Heineken Zoeterwoude. This production line fills and packages bottles with beer of different volumes. According to Raouf (1994), the current fast-moving global market demands the manufacturers to focus on cost-cutting, improving productivity levels, higher qualities and higher delivery reliability. This is also seen at Heineken. The improvements for the production line are focussed on increasing the productivity of the line to better deal with the increased competition and driving down costs. The Theory of Constraints method has been used throughout the report to find possible solutions for the production line based on the possible bottlenecks in the line. The machines of production line 52 are subject to failures and can therefore not work all the time. These failures can cause other machines in the production line to become idle and thereby decrease the throughput and productivity of the production line (Ameen, AlKahtani, Mohammed, Abdulhameed, & El-Tamimi, 2018). Heineken makes a distinction between two types of failures: short and long stoppages. Short stoppages are failures that took shorter than five minutes to repair, while the long stoppages took five minutes or longer to repair. The idea behind this distinction is that the line layout can decrease the productivity losses caused by short stoppages with buffers, but that long stoppages take too long for prevention that machines become idle in the system. Since this research focusses on improving the line layout to increase the productivity of the line, only the short stoppages are taken into account for the improvement of the production line.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Industrial Engineering and Management BSc (56994)
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