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Control of the automated length setting device

Pel, D.H. (2017) Control of the automated length setting device.

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Abstract:The ultimate goal of this internship is to design a control system for the automated length setting device. There was already a prototype available which was modeled in Simulink and has a controller set up using an Arduino. There are however some problems with this prototype to be solved. The following tasks performed to make a functioning prototype:  Define the problem  Analyse the provided data and materials and correct where needed  Improve the mathematical model  Upgrade software and hardware to include improvements  Set up an appropriate controller using Simulink  Testing to ensure functionality The provided data exists of a model of the system along with code to control the prototype. This data comes from the previous intern working on this project which has several mistakes in it. These are corrected by systematic checking. The problem de_nition provided is expanded on Setting up the controller is done by using the provided model and running simulations to get an idea of the required settings. With a good idea of the expected tuning parameters, the controller is implemented and modi_ed to optimise performance. Even though the assignment was about the setting of a controller which is expected to be a software problem, there were slight problems with the provided hardware that also have to be solved. After simulations give a starting point for controller settings, the parameters are tuned to provide su_cient performance. The resulting step responses are in agreement with the requirements and the next step is to improve the mechanical design.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
Keywords:Control theory, Electronics, Dynamics, Philips, Shaving
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