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Studying integration and fragmentation in the urban expansion area. The case study in Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Nguyen, Thuy Huynh Mai (2020) Studying integration and fragmentation in the urban expansion area. The case study in Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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Abstract:Urban fragmentation is a phenomenon often encountered in urban areas facing urbanisation-related pressures, and a need to expand. Urban integration describes a city where socio-economic, spatial and demographic elements would share a similar structure and connect with each other. In the current literature, the two phenomena are usually discussed separately. This thesis studies the urban integration and fragmentation in the expansion area by considering the two phenomena as components of a continuum. The urban integration-fragmentation framework allows the analysis of dimensions of integration and fragmentation to (1) problematise the nature of the two phenomena, (2) better understand the interconnectivity between urban integration and fragmentation, and (3) serve as a basis for future research on this topic. The main objective of the thesis is to develop and apply an analytical framework for assessing integration and fragmentation of an urban area. For clarification of the framework’s application, the thesis chooses the case study in Leidsche Rijn Centrum subdistrict, Utrecht city, The Netherlands. The dimensions and indicators of the framework are built according to literature about the topic of urban integration and fragmentation. Since the drivers and characteristic of urban integration and fragmentation vary according to contexts, the dimensions and indicators from the literature are modified according to planning documents of the Leidsche Rijn Centrum subdistrict, and the available data from Utrecht Municipality database. The main methods used in this thesis include case study research, interview and survey, and network analysis using QGIS. The results imply that Leidsche Rijn Centrum subdistrict is in the medium level of the urban integration – fragmentation framework. Although the relationships between different indicators and dimensions are mentioned in literature and also in the interview with Utrecht Municipality, the result from this analysis could not provide solid proof for those relationships. Future studies could focus on one of the two main topics: improving the accuracy of the framework and the relationship between the dimensions and indicators.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ITC: Faculty of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation
Programme:Spatial Engineering MSc (60962)
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