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Sustainable building techniques within the Rensa Group

Bongers, G.C. (2018) Sustainable building techniques within the Rensa Group.

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Abstract:To provide a more green future for the Netherlands all parties that emit CO2 should do their part. One of these parties is the housing sector and is the main focus for this report. Most of the Netherlands is currently powered by gas. With more frequent earthquakes occurring in the province of Groningen, the decision was made to slowly close the gas valve and to have the Netherlands completely gas free by 2050. So currently there is a situation where almost all houses in the Netherlands need a transition to non-gas based electricity and heating solutions. To transition a house away from gas, various interventions have to be taken like insulation and the installation of a heat pump. In this internship I looked at the current knowledge level on sustainable building techniques within the Rensa Group. This should provide the company a guideline on what knowledge is still missing to stay competitive for the future. To this end, various interviews were taken with all of the companies within the group itself to first establish a baseline on what knowledge is already present. Through a combination of literature studies and interviews on external stakeholders in the housing industry, a view was made on what knowledge is still missing. Over the course of the internship it became apparent that there were more aspects than just the technological point of view to be taken into account to plot a good course for the Rensa group. These aspects were looked at and suggestions were provided to the company to resolve them.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Programme:Sustainable Energy Technology MSc (60443)
Keywords:Sustainability, Construction, Organization and Management, Natural gas
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