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Zero Net Energy Project

Agapitidis, S. (2018) Zero Net Energy Project.

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Abstract:The purpose of this report is to present all the tasks I carried out and activities I was involved in during my internship with Bosch in Deventer. Bosch is working towards introducing a cutting-edge product, also known as the Energy Bar, for consumers to be in line with a goal of the Paris Agreement, stating that all residential buildings should be energy neutral by 2050. That means that all houses, in 2050, must be able to locally produce all the energy they consume within the course of a year, in order to gradually become eco-friendlier and less dependent on the grid’s energy supply. Other companies, much like Bosch, view this as a great opportunity to acquire a piece of a new market that is expected to grow within the next years. My role was to provide all-around help to the team that was in charge of this project and speed up the process of introducing the Energy Bar to the market. The report basically describes all my learning experiences which ranged from conducting research to running simulations/tests as part of Bosch’s Zero Net Energy Project. However, since supply of the product to the market is yet to be underway, and because some areas of the product are still under development, limited information about Bosch’s Energy Bar will be disclosed due to a confidentiality agreement signed between the company and myself. As a result, some data and results, although mentioned throughout the report, might not be presented in detail.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Programme:Sustainable Energy Technology MSc (60443)
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