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Sustainable hitlist : targets for internet scans

Shabeer Ahmed, D.S. (2020) Sustainable hitlist : targets for internet scans.

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Abstract:Internet scanners are a vital tool to study the growth of the Internet and to gain granular insights in network properties such as topology, routing, deployments, and security mechanisms. In the early days of scanning IPv4 address space, a set of IP targets called hitlist was probed. With technological advances resulting in powerful tools, Internet-wide scanning became possible, achieving full scans in as little as 45 minutes. Although this sounds promising, only a few targets respond to a probe request, and hence much overhead traffic is produced. This is amplified by the fact that Internet-wide scans can be carried out with few resources. It is vital to look for an alternative approach that avoids excessive, wasted traffic. It also makes sense to revert the scanning practice of using hitlists in future studies. This report presents a study on the performance of various statistically generated hitlist that best answers the queries raised by researchers in recent times while conducting Internet-wide scans. A goodness-of-fit test is used to estimate the measure of discrepancy between the sampled hitlist and the Internet. The final results confirm that the stratified-based sampling with a smaller sample size generalizes better than selecting the representatives randomly. The longitudinal study guarantees the stable performance of the stratified hitlist, and a fresh scan is required every 2-3 months to capture the Internet-wide deployments. Once the scanned data is 2-3 months old, only the responsive stable IP hosts feature in the population, and correspondingly the same trait reflects in the hitlist. Dynamic IP allocation and the presence of middleboxes are the main contributing factors that lead to the unavailability of IP hosts.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:54 computer science
Programme:Internet Science and Technology MSc (60032)
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