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Do user opinions matter? : The contribution of user feedback in instructional video design

Reukers, Sanne (2020) Do user opinions matter? : The contribution of user feedback in instructional video design.

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Abstract:Purpose: Many academics suggest that user involvement is important during the design process of instruction materials, but it is not clear yet what effect user involvement has. In the present study, the effect of user involvement, specifically one user feedback moment, in instruction video design on the usability and user experience is researched. In the past feedback as a method of user involvement is studied only in the context of textual communication materials. Method: In this experimental study, an in-between subject design with two groups was used to measure the effect of user involvement in video instruction design. Both groups were exposed to an instructional video for a software system, followed by a survey asking feedback and measuring user experience (UX) and usability. The first group watched a video designed based on the theory of multimedia learning and the demonstration based training approach. The second group watched a video adjusted based on the feedback of the first group. To create the second video feedback from the survey data and interviews of participants in the first group were coded and then used to adjust the first video. Results: The present study showed that user feedback in the design process did not have a significant effect on quantitative usability and user experience measures of both the video and the software system. User feedback did tend to improve the user experience of the video. Qualitative measures did not show an overall decrease in user problems but did show a decrease in user problems related to the pace of the video. Looking to the unique user problems, it was found that revisions resulted in more diverse, less fundamental and more specific user problems than the original video. Conclusion: Results indicate that using user feedback in video instruction design improves the results of the design process. However, these improvements cannot be measured using the quantitative scales used in this study. Even though the study did not result in significant effects of user feedback, it cannot be stated that user involvement has no added value in an instruction video design process, as the qualitative measures indicated a change in user problems found by participants. This was a change towards less critical problems and more diverse problems. Future research is suggested to expand research in the field of user feedback in video instruction design.
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Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Communication Studies MSc (60713)
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