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IMEP Wheel & IMEP sections

Goerres, J.P. (2018) IMEP Wheel & IMEP sections.

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Abstract:This four month internship was done at Huisman’s Research and Development department. It consisted of improving Huisman’s internal Excel calculation software (IMEP). The two programs that were worked on are IMEP wheel, a wheel design validation tool, and IMEP sections, a beam profile validation tool. The improvements to IMEP wheel are twofold: First two official standards for wheel design are added to the program. Secondly a calculation method for determining Fatigue for multiple load cases was added for the current method as well as the two extra standards. For IMEP sections the use of an optimization tool is investigated. This tool should minimize the surface area and thus mass of the profile without Yielding. Two optimization methods are compared: A standard profile search and a build-in excel solver. The Standard Profile search algorithm efficiently searches through the known standard profiles and selects the profile that fulfills the stress requirement with the lowest surface area. The build-in excel solver varies profile dimensions to finds the lowest possible surface area. This yields a profile with a very low thickness, mainly because there is no criteria for Buckling added. Furthermore the solver is not very robust. When increasing the amount of profiles from a single to multiple profiles, issues with intersecting of profiles occur. This is tackled by declaring relations between profile positions. Furthermore a large size difference between profiles can occur. This can also be prevented by adding relations between profile dimensions. With these relations it is possible to get an optimum for multiple profiles for the excel solver, as well as the Standard Profile search. However the solver is still not robust and the results from the Standard Profile search are therefore preferred.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
Keywords:Calculation Program, Wheel, Rail, Fatigue, Sections, Optimization
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