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Modeling the heat transfer of a packed bed with an effective thermal conductivity

Haselhoff, A.E. (2017) Modeling the heat transfer of a packed bed with an effective thermal conductivity.

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Abstract:This research describes the findings of an internship carried out at Reden in Hengelo, where the research goal was to gain insight on the heat transfer of a packed bed as for example used in the Acheson process where cokes and quartz sand are mixed and heated up. Literature research has been done on models concerning heat transfer through packed beds. Focus was put on mono-beds consisting of one type of particle rather than binary-beds of two types of particles, since the latter subject was deemed too complex. Analytical models from literature were chosen to model conduction and radiation, which rely on homogenisation of the bed such that a unit cell can be defined in order to determine the effective thermal conductivity. This can be used to analytically study the in uence of parameters like material, particle and bed structure properties. These models have been used to gain understanding on how heat transfer behaves for quartz sand, where it is shown that particularly the particle diameter has a strong in uence on the effective thermal conductivity. A shortcoming of these mathematical models is the reliance on a perfect structure for homogenization, hence first iterations of a FEM model have been created such that these can be further developed to research more complex
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
Keywords:packed bed, effective thermal conductivity, heat transfer, radiation, conduction, FEM
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