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Maintenance Layer Analysis for a Levee Strengthening using Sandy Shores in a Non-tidal Environment

Hahn, L.L.A. (2020) Maintenance Layer Analysis for a Levee Strengthening using Sandy Shores in a Non-tidal Environment.

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Abstract:Since there has never been a levee strengthening in a lake like the sandy shores at the Houtribdijk, there are many questions about how a sand nourishment like this evolves. This study aims to seek insight in how the maintenance layer of the sand nourishment develops and for how long it will comply to the safety norms before requiring maintenance. To test the hypothesis that the currently constructed sandy shores are insufficient for a 10-year period, an analysis on subsidence and morphology was conducted. The results from this subsidence analyses show how subsidence substantially decreases over time and that most of the total subsidence occurs shortly after construction. The analysis on morphology showed an eventual equilibrium in volume gains/losses for the maintenance layer and indicated that the shore-line movement would be the reason for the sandy shores requiring maintenance earlier than the designers 10-year prediction. The analyses were mostly performed on periodic measurements at four detail locations, therefor the results give an average trend on how the maintenance layer overall evolves over time due to subsidence and morphology. Given the results on the performed analyses it can be predicted that the constructed maintenance layer will most likely not be sufficient for a 10-year period. Most parts of the sandy shores will require maintenance 5 or 6 years after being constructed. Furthermore, there are a few specific locations that require even earlier maintenance.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Programme:Civil Engineering BSc (56952)
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