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Development and validation of a questionnaire on classroom management of Dutch secondary education teachers

Lettink, Maj (2020) Development and validation of a questionnaire on classroom management of Dutch secondary education teachers.

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Abstract:With the constant strive for improving the quality of teaching in Dutch schools, more insight into classroom behavior of teachers is necessary. An essential aspect of teaching quality is classroom management, as it is a prerequisite for effective student learning. However, as far as we know, no Dutch instruments specifically measure it yet. Therefore it is important to attend to this need. The most practical way to evaluate teachers, is by having their students fill out a questionnaire, because they know the teacher’s day-to-day functioning best, and a questionnaire is a quick and easy way of detecting areas of improvement. Thus, the question this study answers is: “Which items make up a valid and reliable student perception questionnaire for measuring classroom management in secondary education?”. Through literature review and instrument analysis, a first version of the questionnaire was created. Afterwards, the items in the questionnaire were discussed thoroughly in interviews and focus groups with respectively expert researchers, expert teachers, and students. After every round, data was used to improve the draft questionnaire. The final phase of data collection was a pilot test, in which a large group of students used the questionnaire to evaluate their teacher. This data was then statistically analyzed to determine the reliability and validity of the questionnaire. The results indicated that the Classroom Management Questionnaire had a high construct validity as well as a high reliability, in the sense that classes of students awarded their teachers similar scores. Further research could improve this questionnaire by testing it on a larger scale and in different educational contexts, by zooming in on the development of teachers using the questionnaire for professional improvement, by comparing student perceptions to self-evaluations and evaluations by external observers, and by making this questionnaire appropriate for research purposes.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:81 education, teaching
Programme:Educational Science and Technology MSc (60023)
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