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Identifying Socially Shared Regulation of Learning (SSRL) : a grounded theory approach

Hogenkamp, Loes (2020) Identifying Socially Shared Regulation of Learning (SSRL) : a grounded theory approach.

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Abstract:Although cooperative learning is an effective instructional method, it can not be taken for granted that students will gain new knowledge while engaging in a cooperative activity. Even if cooperative learning is effectively designed, problems might arise regarding cognitive, behavioral and motivational aspects of learning. For students to gain knowledge from cooperative learning, cognition, metacognition, behavior and motivation should be collectively regulated by group members, which is called Socially Shared Regulation of Learning (SSRL). As students often fail to do this, researchers agree that SSRL should be supported. However, until now it is not clear how SSRL is manifested yet in cooperative learning. First, this study investigated how SSRL is manifested in cooperative learning by means of a grounded theory approach. This was done in order to identify what is necessary for effective SSRL and which consequences it induces. A theoretical model was built in order to portray these prerequisites and consequences of SSRL. Second, this study investigated whether equal participation fostered SSRL. Video data of students of the fourth, fifth and sixth grade of elementary school working together in groups of four was used (n = 104). The data indicated that SSRL is a scarce process, which absence is problematic in some, but not all, situations. Although this study did not find any significant differences in the frequency of occurrence of SSRL between groups who received support on equal participation and groups who did not, differences between SSRL patterns could be observed between these two conditions. Future research should identify how these differences between groups both at group but also at individual level can occur and how to shape effective all encompassing SSRL support.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:81 education, teaching
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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