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A study towards the optimization of pultrusion processes: process - microstructure -property correlation

Rao, Bolar Vanishree (2021) A study towards the optimization of pultrusion processes: process - microstructure -property correlation.

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Abstract:Pultrusion is an energy-efficient process if the process is continually optimized and controlled. To ensure the continuity of the process and avoid the down-time due to die-jamming, pulling force is investigated in this study. Temperature and pulling force are measured continuously and monitored, to optimize the process, improve the quality of the product and the mechanical performance. To ensure a smooth operation, a stable pulling force is desired. The influencing conditions such as pulling speed, fibre volume content, fibre volume configuration and resin composition are investigated, as it may change the process and affect the pulling force differently. This study explores the possible effects of the length of different regions in the die on the pulling force. Cut-end tests are performed and compared with cure degree evolution. A good quality product would have to adhere to the dimensions with minimal deviations. Void content analysis is employed so as to check its effect on mechanical performance. In addition to this, the strength of the material is assessed so as to quantify the type of product produced under different process settings. In conclusion, a correlation is established between the properties, structure and process is made, so as to improve the pultrusion process.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:02 science and culture in general, 52 mechanical engineering, 58 process technology
Programme:Sustainable Energy Technology MSc (60443)
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