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From teachers to schools : scaling-up professional development for assessment learning

Oosterheert, J.A. (2021) From teachers to schools : scaling-up professional development for assessment learning.

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Abstract:Assessment for learning (AfL), a form of formative assessment, is used to accommodate students’ educational needs and to initiate, shape and optimize students’ learning processes. There is a considerable amount of room for teachers to improve their knowledge, skills and attitude with regard to AfL (e.g. Bennett, 2011; Kippers et al., 2018; Wolterinck et al., 2016). Through professional development, teachers can improve these competences. A professional development program about AfL for secondary school teachers already exists, The InformEDprogram. The goal of this research project was to scale up this development program and evaluate it. For this purpose, two central research questions were formulated: 1. How can we scale-up a professional development program (The InformED-program)?, 2. What is the quality of the scalable program in terms of relevance, consistency, expected usability and expected effectivity? This research design was based on the generic model for educational research design (Mckenney & Reeves, 2012). Interviews with experts and teachers and a document-analysis were conducted to get insight into the first research question. Data from these interviews and document-analysis led to a skeleton design, a global scheme for all sessions, and one elaborated session. The quality of the program (research question two) was measured through interviews with one expert and teachers. With this research, several indicators were mentioned that are important to make a professional development program scalable. These insights can be used for other professional development programs that limits scalability. The indicators are: • The first session is an offline session. • There should be an ICT-session to learn about and practice with the ICT-tools. • There should be a lot of good interaction during the online sessions. • It should be a hands-on program. • The first session should be filled with good resources, links, examples, questions, etcetera.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Programme:Educational Science and Technology MSc (60023)
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