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An exploratory study on the relationship between (un)trust and memory

Volonasi, N. (2021) An exploratory study on the relationship between (un)trust and memory.

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Abstract:Trust is an essential determinant of human-to-human interactions. Nowadays, human-to-technology interactions have emerged, which can lead to positive or negative outcomes. It is thus important for individuals to be able to correctly recognize (un)trust systems. The current study, aimed at exploring the recognition of (un)trust and whether recognition differences exist between (un)trustworthy stimuli. Furthermore, studies have also shown that individual differences could affect decision making. Thus, the current study explored whether individual differences (Faith in General Technology, Trust Stance and Personality) affected the recognition of (un)trustworthy stimuli. A recognition test was conducted according to the Signal Detection Theory. Participants (N=84) were blind to the scope of the experiment and to the (un)trustworthiness of the stimuli. The results, analysed using the Bayesian Approach, showed that people were equally able to remember both trustworthy and untrustworthy stimuli. However, a difference was identified which suggests that untrustworthy stimuli were better recognized than trustworthy when compared to situations in which stimuli were neutral. The analysis of the effect of individual differences on (un)trust recognition showed no evident effects. It can therefore be argued that the participants’ trustworthiness judgments were not fully activated through this implicit exposure to the stimuli. The ability to recognize (un)trustworthy systems, protects the individual from potential threats and thus, making the topic of (un)trust very important to explore further.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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