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Emoji Recommendation for Text Messaging

Sung, Lilian (2021) Emoji Recommendation for Text Messaging.

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Abstract:Emojis are used in Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) as a way to express paralinguistics otherwise missing from text, such as facial expressions or gestures. However, finding an emoji on the ever expanding emoji list is a linear search problem and most users end up using a small subset of emojis that are near the top of the emoji list. Current solutions such as the search bar, or simple recommendations still requires effort from the user or does not offer a wide range of emojis. In order to understand how people use emojis, a literature review was carried out for articles that categorise emoji functions. From these, 6 functions were mentioned repeatedly: emphasis, illocutionary, social, content, aesthetic, and reaction. Illocutionary and social emojis make up the bulk of emojis that accompany text. Two main emoji recommendation models were built. One which recommends emojis similar in meaning to the text input (Related model), and another which recommends only the most common emojis (Most Used). The outputs of the two models were combined to form a third model (Combined). A between-within subjects text-based experiment was carried out over Discord. Participants’ emoji user behaviour was compared between a without recommender and a with recommender condition (within subjects). Furthermore, the three models were tested against each other in the with recommender condition (between subjects). The Related and Combined model were perceived well, while the Most Used did not always recommend appropriate emojis. Participants did use more emojis as well as a larger variety of emojis when an emoji recommender is present, however, this may be largely due to the design of the experiment. When a recommender is included on the phone emoji keyboard, the effect may be much smaller.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:54 computer science
Programme:Interaction Technology MSc (60030)
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