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A dynamic deployment framework for a Staging site in the Personal Health Train

Graciano Martinez, Virginia (2021) A dynamic deployment framework for a Staging site in the Personal Health Train.

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Abstract:Healthcare data are absolutely necessary for increasing scientific and medical progress. However, patients' data are sensitive by nature, and it is not a feasible task for healthcare organizations to share the data due to privacy, ethical and legal concerns. Personal Health Train (PHT) is a novel approach that addresses the before-mentioned problems by moving the analytical tasks towards the data, instead of moving the data to a central point. The PHT approach's rationale is that instead of requesting and receiving data, we expect to ask a question and receive an answer. PHT infrastructure is designed to deliver queries and algorithms that can be executed at healthcare institutes and provide just results to the person who asked. Consequently, sensitive data remain within the healthcare organization's control, and the end-user never has access to them, but he harnesses the data for analysis. However, some organizations may not have enough computing capacity to execute computation-intensive tasks, whereby a new computation-capable environment such as a cloud provider is required. This research aimed to investigate how a new computation-capable environment can be deployed dynamically, respecting the PHT principles, complying with regulations, and integrating it with the current PHT architecture. To facilitate the analytics execution at the source, we proposed and designed an architecture for a Staging site that can be deployed dynamically in the cloud just when required. We employed Infrastructure as Code, APIs, and Event-based systems to achieve this. We implemented the architecture proposal using novel technologies and Amazon Web Services and evaluated the proposal with a case study, analyzing datasets of ten thousand patients and one hundred thousand patients. The research showed that our work could alleviate the IT infrastructure constraints that the healthcare organizations can have, using the cloud and automation tools to ensure the PHT execution whilst respecting the PHT approach principles as much as possible. Although our design requires moving the data to the cloud, the data are still within the data source realm and control, keeping data privacy.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:EEMCS: Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
Subject:54 computer science
Programme:Internet Science and Technology MSc (60032)
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